Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

I'm sure lots of folks are celebrating today with tecates and margaritas and parties and fun. I will have a quiet little day with my favorite snack (see below), some art projects, some TV and my sweet pup, Mali.
About a year ago, I discovered a green salsa that I just love! I found it at Walmart and the price is a mere sixty-two cents per can. It's available at other stores too but they charge over a dollar per can. My favorite way to eat it is as a dip with Tostitos. But it's also good drizzled over grits, tostados, enchiladas, eggs, and any bean dishes. I have also mixed it half and half with creamy ranch dip. It's made with tomatillos and jalapenos and onions and seasonings and has only 50 calories in a whole can. Apparently sometimes the jalapenos are more potent in some batches because my tears will flow. But other batches have just the right amount of tanginess mixed with the hot flavor - yummy!


Joanne Huffman said...

Happy Coco de Mayo back atcha', Jackie. You're making me hungry.


Lisa said...

I've never seen green salsa!! I'm thinking my stomach couldn't take it. We didn't really celebrate - we had ceasar salad for dinne and I don't think that's mexican!! :)

Karen Owen said...

Yum! Green salsa is my favorite. I'll have to try this brand. We celebrated last night - but not Mexican - it was our wedding anniversary. Did you know the entire country of Mexico celebrates our anniversary? :-)