Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wonderful Valentine's Day!

I've had a bad week - but today everything got so much better!! First, I received a lovely box of chocolates from my daddy - he has given me a gift on every Valentine's Day that I can remember (except for one, when he and my mom were both very ill). Everything from stuffed animals (I still have most of them!) to jewelry to flowers to candy - I've always loved how special he makes me feel! He has always called me "Princess" so I was extra delighted to receive the Valentine card he gave me - so sweet!!
BTW, my dad is so sweet, thoughtful and generous - he also gives Valentine candy to each girl in my family and also to all the women who work for him - even remembering to buy sugar-free for the diabetic employee. He's such a sweetie!!
So the next wonderful thing: as I mentioned in an earlier post, a group of girls swapped Valentine boxes - today was the day we opened them and OH MY!! I had the most gorgeous box from Debi! She decorated the heart-shaped tin so beautifully - the colors are pastel and sparkly and lovely! And she filled it with so many fantastic goodies - things I will use in my altered art. I love each and every item! She also made a precious little album that she filled with lots and lots of vintage images. And she included a fun book called "Rear Ends"! The photos I took don't do the gifts justice, but I wanted to share anyway. I am so lucky - thanks again Debi!!

And then tonight some friends called and insisted that we go out to eat - their treat! So we had a delicious meal at the neighborhood barbecue place and then we had fun in Walmart - just a perfect ending to a wonderful day!! Thanks Tim and Linda!!


Vicki said...

You are one lucky girl....special sweets from your Dad and a too cool valentine exchange from Debi.

Karen Campbell said...

What a wonderful Daddy you have, Jackie!! Sounds like Debi spoiled you rotten --- and you deserve it! I just love all the Diva Valentine photos!

Kris Henderson said...

Well what a love filled day you had!!
Very awesome heart box and goodies :)
Lucky and loved you are!

Joanne Huffman said...

How nice to feel all that love on Valentine's Day! Your dad sounds like a real sweetie, Debi's box is beautiful, and it's always good to spend time with good friends.


Judy Streger said...

Your Dad sounds like a very special man. How wonderful for you to have him in your life. Have fun playing with your Valentine's Day box from Debi.