Sunday, February 8, 2009

Valentine Box Swap

My Diva group has a Valentine Box Swap going on. (I hope Jeri doesn't see this before Valentine's Day!) She said that she likes the colors pink, green and grungy white and she likes old spoons, old hankies, dragonflies and other things. I included 6 old spoons and 4 old hankies that I ordered from eBay. I also included lots of embellishments (charms, ribbons, paper lace, brads, shells, bamboo tiles, paper flowers, satin roses, etc.) to add to her art projects, a Valentine frame, candy, vanilla dusting powder, scrapbook papers, pink "Stickles", a small bag of printed images, and other stuff. My favorite thing was the necklace made from a plastic eyeglass lens - I found a photo of Jeri's mom on her blog and used it to insert in between the lenses. The final photos here show it better. I started with a tin like the one in the first photo (mine contained candy rather than cookies). After sanding and gessoing the top and bottom, I covered it with paper napkins then added embellishments. I hope she likes her box - I had fun putting it together!


Joanne Huffman said...

She will LOVE this. It's beautiful in itself and it's stocked with artful, thoughtful, enchanting goodies.


Connie said...

your tin turned out beautiful jackie!

WW Creations said...

Jackie, I'm Barbara R. from The AAWA list and your present to Jeri, well, it's AWESOME. Beautiful will be a pleasure to have you on the AAWA list.

Jeri Aaron said...

YES, I do love it Jackie - thank you!