Friday, February 27, 2009

I Won Two OWOH Gifts!

I am delighted to have won two different gifts from the One World One Heart event ( The first one came from Nancy Donaldson ( It is beautiful! She also included a lovely handmade card. I truly appreciate her generosity and her amazing talent!

The second one came from Rob in Australia - - it is a lovely Friendship Flag Book. It is filled with quotes about friends and the mechanics of the little book are so cool!
I am blessed to be the recipient of these lovely gifts! Thank you Nancy! Thank you Rob! And thank you Lisa for creating this wonderful event - I've discovered much talent and made new friends as a result!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wonderful Valentine's Day!

I've had a bad week - but today everything got so much better!! First, I received a lovely box of chocolates from my daddy - he has given me a gift on every Valentine's Day that I can remember (except for one, when he and my mom were both very ill). Everything from stuffed animals (I still have most of them!) to jewelry to flowers to candy - I've always loved how special he makes me feel! He has always called me "Princess" so I was extra delighted to receive the Valentine card he gave me - so sweet!!
BTW, my dad is so sweet, thoughtful and generous - he also gives Valentine candy to each girl in my family and also to all the women who work for him - even remembering to buy sugar-free for the diabetic employee. He's such a sweetie!!
So the next wonderful thing: as I mentioned in an earlier post, a group of girls swapped Valentine boxes - today was the day we opened them and OH MY!! I had the most gorgeous box from Debi! She decorated the heart-shaped tin so beautifully - the colors are pastel and sparkly and lovely! And she filled it with so many fantastic goodies - things I will use in my altered art. I love each and every item! She also made a precious little album that she filled with lots and lots of vintage images. And she included a fun book called "Rear Ends"! The photos I took don't do the gifts justice, but I wanted to share anyway. I am so lucky - thanks again Debi!!

And then tonight some friends called and insisted that we go out to eat - their treat! So we had a delicious meal at the neighborhood barbecue place and then we had fun in Walmart - just a perfect ending to a wonderful day!! Thanks Tim and Linda!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Free Valentine Images

Lisa Vollrath is again offering free images in her Valentine Countdown - click on the title above to go there.

Valentine Box Swap

My Diva group has a Valentine Box Swap going on. (I hope Jeri doesn't see this before Valentine's Day!) She said that she likes the colors pink, green and grungy white and she likes old spoons, old hankies, dragonflies and other things. I included 6 old spoons and 4 old hankies that I ordered from eBay. I also included lots of embellishments (charms, ribbons, paper lace, brads, shells, bamboo tiles, paper flowers, satin roses, etc.) to add to her art projects, a Valentine frame, candy, vanilla dusting powder, scrapbook papers, pink "Stickles", a small bag of printed images, and other stuff. My favorite thing was the necklace made from a plastic eyeglass lens - I found a photo of Jeri's mom on her blog and used it to insert in between the lenses. The final photos here show it better. I started with a tin like the one in the first photo (mine contained candy rather than cookies). After sanding and gessoing the top and bottom, I covered it with paper napkins then added embellishments. I hope she likes her box - I had fun putting it together!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pregnancy Widget to Follow Nicole's Progress

I was so happy to find this widget to add to my blog (and also glad that it was so simple add!) The little graphic to the right shows Nicole's progress and if you click on the box, there is lots of information. Since Nicole has been through this all before, she will undoubtedly remember most of it, but her family and friends can read along and understand more about what her body is going through. Pregnancy is such an amazing miracle!! Here is one of my favorite photos of Nicole's first pregnancy.

Valentine Mail Art Envelope 2008

Photos of my Valentine envelope from last year - I just love how it turned out after everyone added their own thing!