Sunday, June 22, 2008

Vidalia Onions and Blue Angels

I love Vidalia onions! Only available for a few months of the year, they are the sweetest onion ever! I took the photo above the other day after my dad's visit to the local curb market.

For anyone not familiar with them, here is some info from the Vidalia site:

This unique onion known as "The World's Sweetest" gets its flavor from the sandy, low sulphur soil and temperate climate found only in southeast Georgia.
Fresh Vidalias can be found not only in their peak season-from late April to mid-July-but often through December thanks to atmosphere-controlled storage.
Buying Tips
These sweeties have a golden brown skin, white interior, are slightly rounded on the bottom and somewhat flat on top. They should be firm and dry with no blemishes or soft spots.
Storage Tips
Store in a cool, dry place separate from each other. For long storage periods, wrap each onion separately in a paper towel and refrigerate.

I like to have them year long so I chop them and spread them on a cookie sheet and freeze them. After they are frozen, I store them in a freezer bag - it's easy to scoop out the amount needed since they are "flash frozen" and don't stick together.

I found this video on - it was taken at Georgia's "Vidalia Onion Festival" - I am crazy about the Blue Angels and was lucky enough to see them perform in Pensacola, FL, last year - WOW! They are amazing!


The Backporch Artessa said...

A girl after my own heart! I could eat Vidalias like an apple!!!! Good idea freezing them! I'm going to have to try it!

kathy mc said...

They are amazing. and I love Vadalia onions too.